Health first


1. Social Distancing of 1.50m is required in all indoor and outdoor areas between people who do not belong to the same family or do not live in the same camper, caravan or tent.


2. It is recommended that all customers wear a mask and one-use gloves when entering any indoor facility.


3. Individual hand hygiene with soap and water. The use of gloves does not replace hand hygiene.


4. Waste management should be done frequently during the day by spraying with bleach or cleaning agents approved by the National Organization for Medicines and removed from the camping sites.


5. The rules of the state for the prevention of COVID19 also apply to the operation of the camping beach. Throughout the beach, the ratio is about 10 square meters per child or adult and the distance between swimmers is 3 meters. It is recommended to avoid any kind of transaction with street vendors within the beach area.


6. The camping management keeps a full detailed COVID19 record book at the RECEPTION of all the guests and visitors.


7. Anyone who notices symptoms that indicate a person is suspected of having COVID19 infection (sudden onset of the disease, with at least one of the following symptoms: cough, fever, shortness of breath) should immediately inform the CAMPING management for his temporary isolation. The remaining actions required will be taken by the person in charge of the operation for further procedures with the relevant health authorities, as stipulated in the COVID19 health protocol.

8. In case of non-compliance with the rules, inform the health representative of the accommodation.

9. The customer will state that he has been informed, accepts and will follow the instructions and measures. In case of non-acceptance or if non-compliant behaviours are found, the CAMPING reserves the right not to accept these guests or to ask them to leave the premises.

10. If someone wants to enter to the camping place, he is obligated to inform the RECEPTION and show his identity or passport and to be subjected to thermometer control. 

11. It is prohibited the entrance of non staying people in the camping place and the use of common facilities. 


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This will be a different summer for all of us, with "special" conditions and another way of CAMPING.

We all take care to observe the health measures, so that we all stay healthy and win the fight this summer!!! We wish you a happy stay and a good summer.

The CAMPING Management